Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Real Life.....

can sometimes get in the way of crafting - hence my excuse for not bloggin regulary again!!!!!!

Its been a little hectic around the Feary household - boys off school sick, dining room and living room being decorated for Xmas, daily DG duties and general getting ready for Xmas!!!
I am doing a bit of card making here and there and it is mainly Xmas cards - surprise surprise!!!!!!

Anyway here is a card I made at my weekly class a little while ago. It is made using a teabag technique and although paper folding is not my most favourite thing in the world I quite enjoyed making these cards. Just goes to show you should always try something different!

Well am going to be brave tonight and watch the footie - hmmmm sucker for punishment or what???????

1 comment:

Scrapdolly said...

really really cool card
Love it