Saturday, November 03, 2007

Two posts in two days!!!!

How good am I????? LOL!

Well I have had a really busy day and infact have only just sat down in my own home.

For most of the day I have been helping Traci at the local craft market. It was definately better supported than last month so that was good and hopefully next month will be even better!

After we got home we came up with the daft idea of going over to Ikea this evening and very kindly Traci offered to feed and look after the boys while we did so. When we got there we found what we wanted but unfortunately we could not get six chairs and the table in the car at the same time. So for now we bought the chairs and sometime next weeks hubs is going to get the table. oh and I have decided that I need a hanging rail with some tubs etc in my room so Steve bless him will have a few extras to pick up tee hee hee!

Right gonna go and chill - have a good evening!!! xxx

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