Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weight loss, feeling icky oh and we stayed out!!

Well Steve and i have had a fabby weekend.
We went to a friends wedding reception yesterday and was given the opportunity by my fab parents to stay out for the night.
So we staggered through the door at 11am this morning after throughly enjoying ourselves last night (hic hic hic!!!!)

While we were out Dad has been using my boys as models so he can practise using his new Nikon DSLR camera - what a poser he is too with it.
Sorry dad but I prefer my Fuji ;) LOL!!!!!

Thanks Mum and Dad for last night we really did appreciate it! Same again next month?????? Tee hee hee!

Actually we were lucky to be going out last night as since Wednesday night I have been proper poorly. Infact Thursday I had to go the docs who at first thought I had flu but as I didn't have a temperature he decided I had a virus! Whatever it was it was horrid but by yesterday I was feeling more like my old self - infact the G&Ts I consumed last night were for medicinal purposes!!!!!

On Thursday I managed to get to ww for my weigh in and I lost 2lbs. Hmmm was slightly disappointed if I am truthful but factors did come in to this (monthly visitor for one if you catch my drift). But it was a loss not a gain!!!!!!!

Right that was catch up time. I do have some projects to photograph which i did last Wednesday at traci's so will get that done tomorrow to show you xxxxx

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