Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yes its day 2 of half term and how cold has it been out there today? Flipping freezing thats what!!!

Still my boys have been good, infact very good which is a little worrying!

I have been catching up with a couple of things this afternoon while watching The Da Vinci Code. I love that film!
Must take some piccies of things I have made tomorrow so that I can show you all.

This piccie is the layout I couldn't post last night. It was a quick and simple layout but I love it! My boys on Xmas 2006 at my Ma's and Pa's.

Liverpool are on tv at the mo. They have to win or Raffa will be looking for a new job in the morning and Steve will be in a foul mood! C'mon you reds!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Look here

Clare said...

Please don't look at the Jon blog page or comments. He is just trying flog anti virus stuff!!!