Monday, February 18, 2008

Its Monday!

Hmmm was going to show you a piccie of another layout I did last week but blogger is not playing tonight :(

Anyway although Steve worked most of the weekend he was at home which was good. Yesterday afternoon we had a cooked meal at my friends house and then George stayed over at her house for a sleepover with his best mate. It was so strange to only have one boyo on the house last night and this morning but he had a faberoo time so that was the main thing :)

Today despite doing some of the usual dg duties (urghhhhh housework!) I tackled my craft room and have ordered some boxes to store my papers in. I was actually ashamed at how dusty and disgusting the room was but now it is a haven free of dust and yucky things LOL!!!!

On the weight loss front I am still behaving myself. But thank god for Love Hearts only being 1.5 points per pack :)

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