Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long time no post!

Ok so as usual it has been a few days since my last post!

Nothing much to report on the home front other than the boys are now on half term hols, which will be nice providing they stop trying to kill each other!!!!!

On the crafting front? well ,as I am still not totally free of this lovely virus which seems to be clinging on for dear life, this has been a little hit and miss. I don't seem to have a lot of concentration at the mo so have been doing bits when I can.

Here is a layout I did at Traci's house last week. I lurved doing some scrapping for a change and it was great to have a play and a chat!!!!

As usual it was a layout of the boys with a pic from a couple of years ago. Harry looks so young with short hair while george doesn't look any different at all!!!!!

Oh yes I also had a weigh in on Thursday and 2 more pounds came off so I was fairly happy!!!!

Right got a whole weekend with my boys and although Steve is working from home it is nice to actually be one place together for a little while! xxxx

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