Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Year Ago Tomorrow

Harry lost a classmate and friend and I witnessed one of my friends go through something no mother should have to .....ever.

It seems only like yesterday when I got that phonecall informing me that there had been a road accident and a family had been ripped apart.

Since then in an effort to raise road safety awareness Louise is raising money for Brake, a road safety charity, by taking part in the three peaks challenge.
Here is the link for Williams charity page

I am not asking you to sponsor Lou and her team (although please do if you wish), I just wanted to show you what an impact this little chap had on many many lives!!

Give your loved ones that extra hug this weekend xxxxx


Dawn said...

Clare that is terrible and it certainly puts things in perspective. If you have time I have something on my blog for you..



Anonymous said...

Will sounds to be such a special boy, who will always remain in peoples hearts. God bless his parents. Pat x