Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting sorted.....

Been having a sort out of my stash and decided yesterday (post hangover) to use up some 'odds and sods'.

Made a few cards as a result and also did hubs' Valentines Card which I am really chuffed with as it was using colours I don't often use and using a technique I have never done but will do again :)

So I am happy bunny :) and one of the cards is shown opposite.

Both of my chaps have come down with stinking colds and I am trying to avoid them (in a nice way) at all costs. As I am just about getting over my poorly ear I don't need that too!

Really getting back into the swing of crafting at the mo...I am enjoying it again which is how it should be.
Think I may try some layouts later this week..... crikey I had better steady on LOL!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really cute card Clare :) Glad to hear your mojo found it's way home, great to see you back to your normal creative self :)
Pat xx