Saturday, January 10, 2009

Promises, promises

I know. One of my resolutions was to blog or try to each day and it hasn't happened.....ah well better late than never.

Well first week back to normality is done and dusted and it has been a little hectic.......again!

We have had SATS meetings at school (both boys have them this year - oh joy) and then Wednesday was Harry's dental appt at the hospital.
My boy does have to have a brace (which we were expecting) and no op (thank god!). Infact he will have to have two braces over a period of about two years. There is a little more work to be done than we thought originally but it will be all good and worth it in the end.

I have crafted and taken piccies of my work......yeah!!!!!!!

Here is a card for my nephews birthday - I am quite liking this :)


Anonymous said...

Harry it will all be worth it in the end. Two of mine have had braces (and headgear!) and they have lovely teeth now.
Love the card Clare, fab for a boy of any age.
Pat x

Dianne said...

Love the new look blog and the card is just fab too!!