Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Am lovin' the hols

I love the summer hols. No routine and not rushing here there and everywhere (well apart from when I am at work!)
I noticed on Saturday at work how many parents were moaning already about the time off and that was after the first week.
Ok so yes my two did start bouncing off each other yesterday afternoon but come on its the hols!!!!!!
Anyway I managed to get a couple more cards done yesterday.
This one was extremely quick and to be honest looks much better in RL than on this crappy picture!
Am still sticking to my resolution of trying to use existing stash up - good girl me!!!!
Anyway have plans for today. First off is a walk into town with the boys to the library and then onwards to the shoe shop for school shoes. Yes even on my days off I still go in!!!! xxxx

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