Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am getting there!!

I am in an organisational frenzy!!!!!
All paperwork is up to date, I have sorted mine and the boys wardrobes out (how can I have about 4 different sizes in mine?!) and I am making cards for events in September!!!!!
Here is our card to George whose birthday is at the end of August - I do like the Jolly Nation decoupage and have used it several times.
Now as for my using stash up? Wellllll that has been sort of successful but I must admit I did go to Colemans on Saturday and spent some money. I did not buy paper though...honest!!!!!
This afternoon I am in work for a few hours and then tonight I have a girly night in with some friends which I am really looking forward to. Think I have been stuck with boys only for a bit too long and so need female company!!!!!
Tomorrow we are (hopefully) off to the seaside to get some fresh air. Will take camera and post some pics tomorrow night xxxxx

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Dianne said...

Great card Clare, I have that decoupage too but haven't used it yet