Friday, July 31, 2009

It keeps raining!!!

On and off yesterday it rained :(
Not good when you have lots of orders to deliver or if you are my hubby hoping to see Northamptonshire Steelbacks play Hampshire Hawks for a place in the 20 20 semi finals.
Both got done (thankfully) and hubs was a happy bunny yesterday. As i have the finals day off on the 15th August I am very happy too. Looks like it will be a cricket bonanza planned for that day :)
Still loving the fact that the boys are off school at the mo. Although over the last few days they have been getting to each other a little. That might be due to a little cabin fever too as due to the weather we have not been outside as much as we would like.
Anyway today needs must and a supermarket trip is on the cards. I have managed to bribe the boys with a trip to the cinema afterwards so heres hoping they behave ;)
Pic of the day is a card made from some free magazine papers. Managed to also put together some Christmas cards yesterday - I know its a little sick but I am on a big organise thing at the mo. I just want to get them started and use a box of Christmas stash which has been hanging around for a couple of years. I am dying to buy new stash but I am being good (well trying to be!!!) xxxx

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