Thursday, November 19, 2009

On a roll!

Thursday already!!! Wow the week is flying by. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, Saturday and Monday so Sunday will be my weekend :o(
Still things are looking up. Steve and Harry are much better today and will be off to work/school tomorrow. I have done some crafting today (Xmas cards!!!!!) which makes me happy.
Talking of crafting here is a rugby themed card for my Uncle whose birthday it is today :o) The photo is rubbish which is a shame as the card in real life is so much nicer.
We had parent's evening tonight for George and the little one is doing so well. His teacher is delighted with how hard he is working especially as he is the youngest in his class. He is a joy to teach apparently!!!!!!!!!
Am going for a bit of a blog surf and a cuppa xxxx

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