Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I never like making Sympathy cards and infact this is only the second one I have ever made in the six years I have been card making.

A relative of mine has lost his wife very suddenly and I felt that I should make the effort and make a card.
However, I was short of ideas and just didn;t know where to start. So I starting trawling on line galleries and finally found a suitable card on the Do Crafts website.
Yes its simple but it says all that I need to say.

Today I have had Harry and Steve at home following bad reactions to the Swine flu jab. Both have been in bed most of the day and were still there when I went to work this afternoon. They seemed to have perked up though so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow, I am finally getting my haircut after 5 months!!! So looking forward to a tiny bit of pampering even if it is just a wash, cut and blowdry.
In the evening we have Parent's evening for George tomorrow evening which I am really looking forward to. He seems to be really settling down with his new teacher and actually wants to go to school!!!! Its really lovely to see him finally be happy.
Am off to chill infront of the tv for the evening xxxx

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Pat said...

What an elegant card Clare, very tasteful.
Love to you and the boys x