Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He finally lost it!!!!

His first tooth that is!!!!!!! Bless him he has waited so long for this and it came out during his french lesson yesterday while my friend was teaching him.
The tooth fairy was very generous and left him £2 last night for his first tooth. Think it may be a £1 for each one after this!
I had a day off from work today and as I was feeling a little grotty I wasn't planning on doing much. Ha ha ha! I spent most of the morning at the garage sorting out the continuing prob of my car. Its so annoying as its been a pain since we bought it and I have now reached the end of my tether. Still a solution may be on the horizon.......fingers crossed.
Have done no crafting today :( but I did take some pics of some Xmas cards which I will post tomorrow xxx

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