Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its Almost Time!!!!!!

To start journalling your Xmas!!!!
Wow Can't believe December is almost here!
This year I am again taking part in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas and am so excited about it.
Last year I made a paper journal and it was actually one I made over 2 years.......but I finally finished it!
This year I have decided to try a digital journal which I will print out and bind once it is completed.
The decision to go digi was actually an easy one this year.
I tend to craft during the day when I have a little time to myself. In the evenings I do tend to feel a little guilty if I don't spend time with hubs even if its just in the living room on my lappy. Soooooooo why not do my layouts and still spend quality time with my better half? LOL!!
Also this year I am going to be prepared and so have already made my front and back covers!!! Wow how organised am I?
Christmas Journal......bring it on!!!! xxxx

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Pat said...

Looking forward to seeing your journal Clare. Loving the new-style blog too x