Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not a happy pixie!

Yup thats me. Instead of being on the road heading up to me Ma's and Pa's for the weekend I am waiting (AGAIN!!!!!) for a stupid gasman to fix my heating and hot water. Arghhhhh!!!!!!! He will be here anytime between 8 and 1 so goodness knows what time we will get To Sunny Stoke.

Anyway I had a great time last night at my friends house. There was a couple of us and we had a girly evening complete with wine and nibbles. I was very good and only had a couple of glasses but it is true to say that between the five of us we managed over 8 bottles of wine. I can only imagine how the others are feeling this morning ;)

Right I am going to have brekkie and then get the packing finished while we wait for gasman.

Have a fabbo weekendxxxxxxxx

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