Friday, February 23, 2007

Well finally....

the engineer arrived! However that was after he tried to go to our old house!!! Doh!!!! They have our new addy so what happened???!! Still it is all fixed and my house is warm and we have ooddles of hot water. Ahhhhhh bliss!

Right while I was waiting for him to arrive I managed to do a card which was ordered. Quite a girly theme but I love it and if I wasn't going to get some money for it I think I would keep it myself. LOl! It is a simple card but it looks really effective.

Spoke to soon about the heating as the pump has started to make noises again as I type. Oh blimey!

Right had better go and have a look. I am supposed to be going out tonight to a friends for a drinky or two.

have a good night everyone!xxx

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