Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My mission here is done!!!

Yup thats right I have finally reduced my hubby to tears. Ok so they were happy ones but yay!!! I made Steve an exploding box for Valentines Day and he loved it!! I was really pleased with the results as I had never made one of these before. I have not taken any piccies yet but I will tomorrow and post them on here for you all to see!

On a family point George has been a very poorly little boy over the last few days with a very high temperature. So it is Calpol and Nurofen alternately every three hours. I knew he was ill yesterday when he fell asleep on my lap. This is something he has not done for a long time and it was soooo lovely to have him cuddled up to me like that. I really must cherish these moments while I can. Especially as Harry, who is nearly nine going on thirteen is having a Kevin moment.

Anyway Chinese takeaway has been ordered and we have agreed that no laptops will be looked at tonight once the boys are in bed. We are actually going to spend some quality time together which will be lovely (I think!!! LOL!).

Tomorrow I am at the Craft Cabin and Traci has had some 7gypsies stuff arrive today. So tomorrow will be spent ooooing and ahhing!!

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