Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy busy Sunday!

Yes I am almost back to normal and slowly catching up with things!

First thing this morning we had a trip to Tesco to get some things Harry needs for his residential trip in a couple of weeks time. I don't know who is more nervous about this trip - me or him. Its not the fact he is going to be away from home, as he has stayed with my Mum and Dad quite a few times before,. I think it is the fact you have no communication with them at all. Still I know he will love it!

Then it was another trip to the Cabin to see Traci and I bought the most fabby journalling stamps - they are sooooo lovely!

I have also made this card today as well as a couple of others which I am really pleased about as it seems ages since I did some crafting. This card is for my Goddaughter who will be ten next week - gawd I am feeling old!!!!

On a sad note one of my close friends, Claire, is having a worrying time at the mo. Her beautiful daughter who I love to bits was taken into hospital this afternoon. She is very very poorly and they seem to think that it could be appendictis so my friend is going to be in for a rough few days I think. I can only imagine how worried she is, especially as she is a single mum and so has noone else to help her through this. My hubs is being a star as usual and is on his way to the hospital as we speak to deliver Livvy's favourite toy as she will not sleep without it. Bless him - he loves that little girl so much!

Am going to have a cuppa and await an update. Catch yers later xxxx

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