Wednesday, April 25, 2007 name is Clare....and....

I have a craft magazine addiction. Yes thats right i have finally come out and said it! Hurrah I finally feel as if the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So.....when did I realise that I had a problem? Well there are two answers to that one. The first is that I thought it was getting slightly bad when all of the free gifts you get with the mags started overflowing out of a box i kept them in. The second is when I only recognise which mag I have bought by the free gift and not the name of the publication. Hmmmmmm see what I mean?!

The answer to this problem is NOT to stop buying these informative and educational mags but to have a sort out. Yes this is my mission for the next few days, weeks, months LOl! And I am also going to use the free gifts which are sitting gathering dust and generally feeling unloved. Yes i am gonna get organised.

But what of the magazines? Do I keep them as they are or start an ideas folder with cut outs of the projects I am interested in? Any ideas please feel free to let me know xxxxx

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Maggie said...

I think I have to stand up too! My name is Maggie, and I'm a magaholic. It's got to the point where I have to keep a list in my purse of the magazines I already have. More than once I've bought one, taken it home and then realised I've already got it! I suggest you start up a folder and only the keep the articles you're really interested in. Good luck!