Saturday, April 21, 2007

Very very very poorly!!!!

I hate being ill - really really hate it! Unfortunately since last Saturday night I have been feeling dreadful. So much so that on Tuesday morning I gave in and visited the doctors - I last saw one when George was 1 years old so I rarely go unless I am suffering. And yes indeedy was I poorly - bacterial throat infection and also the start of an ear infection - double whammy!!!

Now that the antibiotics have had time to kick in finally I do feel alot better. Throat is still sore but I am feeling 100% better already. Thank goodness!!!!

Anyhow this explains the reason for no blog entry since last Friday - for once I have a genuine reason LOL!

Here is a piccie of my big boy taken on his ninth birthday which was Monday. He is 9!!!!! My Baby is growing up!
He enjoyed his day even though most of it was spent at
school. He was really pleased to get the prized Nintendo
DS at last and some smellies which he is getting into at the mo!

For his birthday treat he was desperate to go to the Natural History Museum to see the Dino exhibition. Wow!!! It was fabby and Harry? Well he was soooooo quiet all day it was unbelievable. This boy dreams of dinosaurs day and night and so wants to be a paeleontologist when he grows up. He did not want to leave at the end of the day so we have had to promise to take him back soon!

On a crafting front nothing has been going on at all this week but I went over to the Cabin this morning as Traci has a promo this weekend on templetes from WSdesigns. I did a train card for her which I really enjoyed. It was nice to get out of the house for a couple of hours as I have felt so house bound this week. Aso as a thankyou for having kiesha on Thursday she gave me the most fabby box of crafting stash which I will take a piccie of and post tomorrow. It is truely fab and is available at the Cabin for £35.00, this is a brill pric when you see just how much stuff is in the box.

Right will finish this mini novel but will be back tomorrow xxxx

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