Sunday, October 14, 2007

The weekend has flown by.....

it really has. It has gone in a flash and I not like that one bit!!!

Saturday was lovely as Mum and Dad came down for the day. It seems so long since we saw them last with one thing or another. But we had a fab day and the Harry got a Gaelic footie shirt and George a Munster Hoodie top so they were throughly spoilt.
Thanks for coming to see us Ma and Pa we had a lovely day - hope you did too xxxxxxx

Today has been busy too. Went craft shopping this morning, followed by lunch out, and then we visited the inlaws for the afternoon.

Phew we are now back home, showered boys in bed and we are now settling infront of the tv to see who England will play in the Rugby World Cup Final next weekend.

BTW the card is one I made for Traci who was the grand old age of 31 on Friday. Must admit I quite liked this one - infact she almost didn't get this card lol!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxxx

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