Monday, December 17, 2007

Going up a chimney????

Aww bless him my little Victorian boy!!!
Last Friday Harry had a school trip to Holdenby House which is a Victorian House allowing visitors to experience the whole Victorian way of life.
So obviously an outfit had to be produced and on the whole I think I did quite a good job!!!!
Harry had a fab time but I think he realised just how lucky he is to be living in an age of Nintendo's and Ipods LOl!!!

On a crafting note I think that I have finally finished my Christmas cards (please please no more!!!!). I made my ma and pa's today and also my bro's and everything is also posted - finally.
Once my parent's card is received I will post a piccie as I am quite chuffed with it even though I did copy it from Traci (thanks Hun LOl)

Right hot choccie is beckoning mmmmmmmmmm xxxxxx