Thursday, December 13, 2007

First concert done.....

Check out how serious George looks on stage!!!!
He had the most important role of Kings servant - well I told him it was the most important anyway!
Last night we had also had the first of Harry's concerts, which I will post piccies of when I have taken them off my camera.
As usual at these things Mama got a little emotional but to be honest I am allowed to - its Mummy rights!!!!!
Tonight the boys have another performance to do which will be their last ones. Boy will they be tired tomorrow!!

Things are now winding up for Xmas and to be honest the boys will be glad when next Friday arrives and we can begin our Christmas hols properly. But for now we have parties, concerts and carol services to attend - we will certainly be in the Xmas spirit!


tjc designs Blog said...


tjc designs Blog said...

hoe much do you love me? Well it had better be lots!!! just for you!