Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's Monday tomorrow!!!!

And boy do I have a big day tomorrow!!!!!
Finally at the age of ahem 34 i am taking my first driving test!!!!!!
OMG I am very very nervous!!!!!!!

By 1pm tomorrow I will know if I can buy myself a car and have so much freedom for the boys and i or if my poor instructor is stuck with me for a little while longer.

Please please keep fingers and toes crossed for me :)

Poor Harry had some bad news this week during a rehearsal for his play. Unfortunately just after he was given his part his voice started to break and although he has been having extra lessons he just cannot hit those high notes anymore. As a result he has lost the role but has been given another speaking part which doen't require so much singing. he was really really gutted but once he realised he would be using splurge guns he quickly changed his mind :)

I don't really have anything craftig wise to show you today - will sort some pics out.

Right going to have an early night - will be back with results tomorrow :) x


Dianne said...

Clare I wish the very best of luck for tomorrow:) BTW I was 34 when I passed mine too:)
Everything crossed for you:)

Jules said...

Oh wishing you the very best of luck today hunny, keeping everything crossed for you here!

Jules x