Thursday, June 26, 2008

The patient is doing well!!

George is alot better today - thankyou to everyone who has been asking after him! Infact he is going to school tomorrow as he seems ok in himself.

I am working too for a couple of hours tomorrow but am free on saturday!!! Yipeeeee!

No crafting to show you at the mo but hoping I can resolve this drought over the weekend - I really really need to!

Here is a pic of Harry from the day at Santa Pod - I know I am biased but blimey my boys are photogenic!!!!



Dianne said...

You may be biased but it is true!! Your boys are indeed very photogenic and lovely with it!!
Two lovely boys to be proud of.
Looking forward to seeing all the crafting your are going to get done at the weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Both boys are beautiful Clare, love the photo :) Pat x