Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh wow!!!!!

The Foos were awesome - just really really awesome!!!!!
To hear 86,000 people singing My Hero was just one of the highlights of the night!
I have always been a big big fan of theirs but I am now totally hooked on seeing them live and next time they are here I will be seeing them again - oh yes!!!!!

I am also loving my car and the freedom passing my test has given me. yes it is still nerve wrecking every time I go out but I am getting there :)

I have craft club tomorrow and so will take a piccie of what I make to show you xxx

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Dianne said...

Great pic Clare! WOW didn't realise it was in the Stadium, thought it was the Area - Must get back home sometime soon & see it:)
Glad you had a great time & that you are enjoying your new found freedom! Continued good luck with your car & your driving.