Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I don't 'do' butterflies!!!

No I don't do them at all in my crafting.
Although please don't get me wrong I love real life butterflies!!!

At craft club today Traci got me to try something different with the fab Adirondack ink pads.

And do you know what????? I actually quite like this card....... Thanks Traci!!!! xx

Tomorrow I am going with George's class on a trip to Twin Lakes.
Wish me luck!!! LOL!


Dianne said...

Beautiful card Clare- well done & I love the colours you have used.
I am the opposite as I don't like real butterflies, I think it's cos I hate moths so much.LOL

Traci Cornelius Blog said...

OMG - you will need it!!!!

Traci Cornelius Blog said...

There is an awrd for you on my blog ;)