Monday, July 07, 2008

Phew!!! What a week!!!

My goodness last week dashed by in the blink of an eye!!!

We have the usual end of school year events starting last week. Harry had his school production of Bugsy Malone running on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night which meant he wasn't getting home until gone 10pm!!!!
As well as that he had his sports day and his school trip - all of which made for an extremely tired boy this weekend.
The play was fantastic!! All of the cast and staff had put so much effort into it and boy did it show in the end result - we were so proud! :)

This pic is a card I made at craft class last week using vellum and Adirondack Pens. The overall effect is very cool and infact very Andy Warholish I think!!!!

Talking of crafting I made 2 things yesterday - whoopeeeeee!!! But unfortunately as it is for Particraft I cannot show you yet. :(

Right off to nurse my little one who is poorly ....... again!!!! xx

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Dianne said...

Glad everything went so well Clare!! The card is great & you're right, very Andy Worhole!
Hope your little one is ok soon & looking forward to seeing your secret work:):):)