Monday, July 28, 2008

We went to the Zoo!!!!

We have had a busy couple of days ut it has been fun!

Steve is off for the week so we are chilling out and have a few day trips planned.

One of our plans was to go to Whipsnade Animal Park. We have not been since I was expecting George so decided it was time to revisit.
We had a fab day, walked miles and boy was it hot!!!!!!
I have some brill pics to print out and do something with. For now I though I would share this one with you. I loved these otters, they were very friendly and extremely nosey!!!!!!

Tomorrow we are off to visit Steve's Granny who is celebrating her 91st birthday. She is a lovely lady and the boys always enjoy visiting her. In the evening Harry has a cricket match so its another busy but lovely day ahead :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you are all having a well-deserved break Clare :) Sounds like a great day, love Whipsnade Zoo :) Hope you enjoy your other outings :)
Pat x

Dianne said...

Glad you are enjoying the school summer break so much. I love the pic of the Otters!
WOW 91 - Happy Birthday Steve's Granny !!!!!!!!!!!!

Traci at PartiCraft said...

That is such a cool pic - well done X