Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its the school hols!!!!

Thats right!!!! Oh boy six weeks.......bliss!!!

For the remainder of this week we are just chilling and catching our breath a little, but next week Steve is off for the week and we have a few excursions planned. :)
Mind you seeing as Steve's car failed its MOT yesterday and is likely to end up costing £250.00 squids to sort it out, I thank god for Tesco vouchers which are paying for next week :)

Here is another fairy card which I created the other day. Its very simple but you really have to love Scrapbook Sally paper flowers they really are fab! Think I may be investing in a couple more bags from Particraft at some point.

Talking of Particraft you have to check out Traci's Particraft blog for sneaky peeks and upcoming events this lady is organising. She is mega talented and if you have never been on a workshop of hers then you have a chance to in a couple of weeks!
There is also the latest online edition of Particraft Magazine being released on 1st August which I can't wait to look at as Traci keeps dropping a couple of hints about it. It really does promise to be a fab read with some brill projects to inspire!

Right enough plugging LOL!!! I am off to check my friends zoo as she is off in France for 10 days....... ahhh some people eh?



Dianne said...

That is a beautiful card Clare, really beautiful!
It's so nice to hear of a Mum actually looking forward to the school holidays!!

Traci at PartiCraft said...

Gee shocks lady you are just too kind..... I am blushing honestly! (or maybe you want somethin?! hmmmmmmm)