Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poor Spud!

My little one is proper poorly and caused his momma major heart attacks yesterday :(

His neck started to ache in the morning and by the afternoon he was screaming in pain (and this is with painkillers every three hours).
Luckily our lovely Dr was available at the surgery and he was throughly examined for half an hour before she decided that I needed to get him to hospital and fairly quickly!!!!
OMG!!! Harry was on his way at home and Steve was stuck in Birmingham until at least 10 that evening.
Still, I managed to sort out Harry with a friend and then got to him to hospital where they have diagnosed swollen lymph nodes :( Because he has had the ear infection for so long now these nodes have swollen up and that was causing the immense pain.
We were home yesterday eveing with clear instructions on pain relief and massaging so today I have my nurses hat on ........ again!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hope George is feeling better today Clare, poor little guy, he's really going through the mill :(
Hope you get a better night tonight. Pat x

Dianne said...

Poor little George, Hope he continues to improve fast!!