Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What a wet day!!!!

Oh my goodness ..... the heavens well and truly opened today. It has just rained and rained and rained!

Went to craft club this morning with the boys and can honestly say that I won't be doing that today. They have just been at each other all day and it has really really annoyed me!
Needless to say they are now in bed for a well deserved early night!!!!

This afternoon I uploaded pictures from our day trips last week to Whipsnade and Warwick. I could not believe how many I took.... people must have thought I was a Japanese tourist as there are loads and loads. :)

The layout was another created for Particraft last month using Fancy Pants products :) To be honest the photo does not do the layout justice as it does look really good in RL ...... honest!


Anonymous said...

Don't believe for a minute those two angels have misbehaved ;)
Fab LO Clare, memories to treasure :)
Pat x

Dianne said...

LO looks very good on screen too - but then your's always do!!
Lovely boys!