Monday, August 04, 2008

Bit further afield.

Today I decided to drive the boys over to the inlaws so that the boys could take their minds off yesterday's events.
This meant driving over there on my own with the boys for the first time. Have to say although it was nerve wrecking I did it and felt quite proud of myself. Its only a 45 min journey but the roads involve the A14, a couple of nasty roundabouts, and the fen roads.
Small steps as they say.......small steps.

Here is another card using the heart stamp set I mentioned yesterday. I made this card a while ago for hubs for no other reason ........ just because.

Tomorrow is hopefully going to be slightly quieter with abit of craft club thrown in too - hurrah!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well done Clare, great achievement, your confidence is growing all the time :)
I love the card, I bet Steve was thrilled to bits :)
Pat x

Dianne said...

Yet another milestone passed, soon all the trips will be like you've been doing them all your life. Well done!!