Friday, August 08, 2008

Its the weekend!

Yes at last its the end of a bit of a funny week!

On Saturday we are not doing a great deal but Sunday we are dropping the boys off at my Mum and Dads for a few days.
The only downside besides missing my boys will be that I have to drive home........down the M6 oh crikey!!!
Yes thats right Steve and I are getting to spend some time together on our own. OMG does this mean we will have to talk to each other ha ha ha!!!!

I have been looking after 4 children today and boy did I know there were 4. They really did test my sanity bless their hearts.

No crafting to show you at the mo but here is a pic from Whipsnade Zoo which I actually quite like. I hate having my pic taken as I don't think I am photogenic but this one isn't too bad!


Dianne said...

Not surprised you like that pic, it is great!!
Hope you & Steve have a fab time together and don't worry about the driving you'll be fine!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Time alone? Oh my goodness, what on earth will you find to occupy yourselves?!
Lovely pic, the boys (and you) look so happy, no wonder you "don't mind" this pic :)
Pat x