Friday, November 24, 2006

You try your best.....

as a parent and I am so proud of my boys. But...... once in a while they can do something which not only makes you question the way in which you bring them up but also upsets you beyond believe. Oh yes I have had one of those days! :-(

I don't want to go into detail on here but today after a meeting at school to discuss an issue with his teacher Harry has succeeded in upsetting me up to the point of actual tears. I was past anger and the only emotions I felt were sadness and disbelieve. He knows this and is very subdued tonight. He is normally such a good boy and not a malicious child at all so this incident is totally out of the blue. The Feary household is not a happy one at the mo and Mummy bear is a very sad bear.

But on a good note I went to see Traci this afternoon and she has been filling me in on some new products she is acquiring for the Craft Cabin. Will I be able to resist the new scrapbooks she has just received - I doubt it! I can see my bank balance depleting drastically. But I will be happy!

At the moment I am a cardmaker but my New Years resolution is to Scrapbook too. I love the pages Traci has done and the various other layouts I have seen on other blogs. So watch this space!

Well its Friday and I have a weekend of crafting (hopefully) planned - be it cards or abit of scrapbooking. So will post again over the weekend - be good until then x

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