Sunday, November 26, 2006

Its simple.......

but I have had so much fun today just doing some basic cards (Christmas of course) using odds and ends in those tubs that we all stash stuff in 'to use some day'. Well that day was today. Yes some are basic and very simple but I enjoyed doing them. It makes a change for me to do a card that takes minutes rather than hours like the family ones I make.

Here are a couple for you to look at. It would be so much easier if I could work out how to arrange a photo collage on Paint Shop Pro and I will work it out - just give me time!

I also finished an anniversary card for my Mum and Dad but am not posting that until January as Mum often looks at my blog to see what I am doing. So nah nah nah mum no sneak preview I am afraid. Hee hee hee .

I think I have finally calmed down after Friday's shock at school with Harry. We sat down and had a chat today while Steve and George were at a party. He knows he has upset me and his dad but I think he needed to know exactly how I felt. I also asked him how he feels about the situation and what he intended to do to make sure t did not happen again. It was nice to have a quiet chat with him and we finished with a cuddle which he doesn't hand out very often. So hopefully its all water under the bridge although he does have a major grounding as punishment to get through first.

Right more cards I think and then perhaps a tidy up. I think this room used to have a floor - what colour it is I am not so sure.

Forgot to mention my new storage tote should be arriving tomorrow courtesy of Traci. Can't wait - all those pockets to fill!!!!!

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tjc designs Craft Cabin Blog said...

you and me both! I am sooooo excited about the Tote and have a nice stash of stuff collecting here already to go in! As for finding your floor I know the feeling I almos kept my room tidy for 2 weeks and now... well now I can't see the floor, the desks, and shelf space or anything :( so tidying up it is for me too!