Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ear Ear!!!

Here as promised is a picture of George complete with Monkey ears and they are so fab! :)
We are now at the end of the Christmas plays for both of the boys and oh they were so good. The amount of effort made by the children and staff was amazing and so appreciated by us parents. We are so proud of our boys :)
Needless to say though they were both shattered last night and infact they are still today. Luckily they have just one week left at school and then its break up for Christmas - yippeeeee!
Yesterday I made a couple of 'items' which I may give as pressies so I won't load piccies up on here just yet. But I was certainly pleased to be creating again :)
Today I have been at work and boy it has been manic! we think we took approx four/five times as much as this time last year which is fantastic given the economic climate. I was certainly glad to get home to my boys though after a busy day.
Tomorrow morning is the usual with rugby training and then followed by an afternoon at a friends house for a spot of lunch - ahhhh bliss! xxxx

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Anonymous said...

George looks so cute Clare :) What a lovely time of year, hope you are enjoying every minute :)
Pat xx