Monday, December 01, 2008

Nearly a month!!!!

Has it really been that long since I last posted on my blog :( How awful!!!!
No seriously I do enjoy putting my life into words on an almost daily basis but then you miss a couple of days, then a week and then before you know it its a month!!!!!!

So how has life been treating us? Well we have all had the usual coughs and colds which are going about at the mo and poor George has had a nasty case of colic. I really did not know that colic is not just for babies. Still he is back to school today but I now have Harry home with a cold, so I think I am destined to not be alone at the mo :)

I have been getting back into crafting and actually enjoying it. I am in the midst of making Christmas cards which is slowly getting me into the spirit.
This year, however i have made a promise to myself regarding Christmas cards. I have not bought anymore papers, stickers, embellies, ribbon etc and am using stuff I already have. Infact I am using stuff I bought when I first started cardmaking and yes those peeloffs have come out too.
I am determined that I will use more of my stash and am not buying anymore until I have made a dent in what I have at the mo.

Right I am off to tidy up and catch up on paperwork beofre the school run beckons xxxx

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Anonymous said...

Ditto Clare, no more stash buying this Christmas!
Hope Harry gets over his cold quickly, and poor George, how painful :(
Sending hugs to everyone.
Pat x