Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Friday at last!!

Oh yes thank goodness it's Friday at last!

I do have work tomorrow though but I will be working with my friend Claire so the day will at least be entertaining :)

After work I am meeting all three of my boys in town where the switch on of the Christmas lights will be taking place. We love going to this annual event. Carols are sung around the tree before the big event and afterwards mulled wine and mince pies are available......bliss.

While I am out busy at work tomorrow Steve and the boys will be decorating the outside of the house and Sunday I will be responsible for inside decoration I think. Christmas is here slowly but surely! :)

I haven't done any crafting at all in the last few days but am hoping to do a little over the weekend. Hopefully I may have a few pics to show you too :) xx

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