Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just popping in quickly to say.....


Blimey it's Thursday already and I haven't blogged since Monday.

This week is quite a whirlwind what with work oh and the boys concerts. We went to see both of them yesterday and well.........? It was deffo proud Momma moment for me.
George was a monkey in his play with satellite dishes for ears. I am going to try to get a piccie of him before tonights performance as honestly them lug oles are priceless. He said his very important line perfectly and in my mind he stole the show!!! LOL!!!

And Harry's concert? His choir have been practising for twelve weeks with a spanish nativity. It lasts for about 20 mins and is sung entirely in spanish. The end result was fantastic really and truely and I was so entranced by it that I forgot to take a piccie or video......doh!!!!
In the second half Harry sang with a couple of other choirs (which I did video Mum and Dad so you can watch it) and again the performances were fantastic.
I do have a little story to tell regarding one of the songs:
Last night I was ironing a shirt for Harry to wear for the concert when he comes up to me and honestly this is what he said word for word.
H - 'Mum you know I am doing this concert tonight?'
Me - 'Yes Harry..... why?'
H - 'Well I thought I would let you know that I am singing a solo verse in one of the songs'
Me - ' Oh Harry thats fantastic. Oh wow!!'
H - 'Yeah its ok.'
And then he walked off!!!! The way he said it was just 'Yeah I have a solo but its no biggy' Honestly!!!!!!!

Right I am off to chivvy the boys along. Do the school run and then do battle in the Post Office (oh no not the Post Office!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Well done Harry and George, your Mum is so proud of you two :)
Enjoy every minute Clare, it goes so fast!
Pat xx