Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have finally had enough!!!

and I am back on the wagon where my weight is concerned. Just recently it has got me really down and over the weekend the realisation has hit me that I am the only one who can do something about it. I have got to stop blaming everything and everyone else apart from myself.

I think what has got me really fed up was that a couple of years ago I lost alot and I mean alot of weight and now I am back at square one. But I have pulled myself together and am going to stop worrying about what has happened. One thing I am not going to do though at the moment is to weigh myself - I am not ready for that just yet! LOL!

Anyway sorry about the moaning bit and as this is a crafting blog here are some cards for you to have a gander at. A couple are orders and the other two are for stock.

My second class took place last night and another lady has joined us which is great. As all of the ladies taking part are complete beginners it is quite a challenge and I have to keep putting myself in their shoes and remembering how I felt when I started paper crafting.

Tonight sees me at the cabin again but learning Intermediate scrapbooking which I lurved last week. Its nice to be the pupil again, although Traci has warned that tonight will be very very busy so plenty of coffee before I go out to keep me alert LOl!

I have noticed recently that my rating is dropping like a stone - how do I feel about that??? Well at the end of the day I started this blog more for myself than anything else and if anyone else wanted to look in and see where my days take me then they are more than welcome. It has almost become a therapy thing this blog of mine and I enjoy doing it so ratings don't bother me although it is really interesting to see how many people look at it. I know my Mum checks my blog just to see where I am and what I am doing - hiya Mum!!!!

Right it's midday and cuppa time I do believe. Catch ya's later XXXXXX

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