Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunny Sunday!!!

Well its a lovely Sunday afternoon and everyone is great with the world. my boys are playing nicely (at the moment) and the rugby is on tv. Bliss!!!!

We have had a great weekend pottering around and just generally doing family things together. Yesterday we went to a farm which does the lambing weekends during March. It was fascinating as we saw a total of three lambs born although one sheep needed help and I think it traumatised George seeing a lady put her hand up a sheeps bottom LOL! Unfortunately there are no photos from this outing as I felt the poor sheep were under enough pressure from giving birth in public.

On a crafting note I have finally got my Mother's days cards done - two for mums and two for Steve's grandmothers. Here is one of the cards and I will post some other piccies later - apart from my mum's of course incase she takes a sneaky peak!
Right going to concentrate on the rugby - have funxxxx

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