Friday, March 09, 2007

It's FFFFFFFriday!!!!!

Yipeeeee! Friday again! This week has flown by - crikey where do the days go to?

Well Wednesday night saw me taking part in the Intermediate Scrapbook class which is ran by Traci. We had a fabby time and I will take some piccies of what we did tomorrow when the light is abit better. I am really enjoying this class as it is something totally different to what I normally do in my comfort zone.

Thursday and today has mainly seen me do my ding dong Avon thing. I do enjoy it as I have some lovely customers - plus the commission i make pays for my stash. Well it is supposed to but you can never have enough stuff can you? LOl!

George has been keeping me company today as he was so tired I decided to keep him off school. He is still only four years old and is the youngest in the school bless him. He is doing ever so well but this week has certainly caught up with him. They certainly keep those little ones busy in Reception. Harry too has had a busy but really good week as he is now officially allowed to write in pen at school instead of pencil. He was so chuffed as he has tried really hard with his writing, another proud Mum moment!

Our healthy eating routine is still going well but still not weighed myself - I am still too scared. But even Steve is doing well so we will see!

Thought I should post a piccie of a card I made the other day - I like it as decoupage is one of fav techniques but I don't do it that often.
Anyway I hear you cry what are we doing over the weekend. Well hopefully if the weather is nice we are going to visit one of the local lambing farms to see some newborn lambs. Will post some piccies although will skip any birthing ones obviously Hahaha!
Blimey I have typed alot tonight. Will update over the weekendxxxxx

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Anonymous said...

I love that card tell Harry well done from me and grumpy enjoy your day tomorrow Bye duck luv Mum