Monday, August 27, 2007

Back home!!!

Well we got back home from our holiday and boy we had a great time!!!
The weather was not great to start with but by the end of the week it was lovely and we all actually caught the sun a little.
This piccie was taken at the start of the week at Portland Bill and boy was it windy and cold there! Infact at the little cafe there we were so cold we ordered hot chocolates - in August!!!!!
We chilled out and there was no dashing here, there and everywhere. But we still went out everyday and did something. We even had a go at crabbing which was something Steve and I enjoyed more than the boys!!!
But on Saturday it was back to earth with a big bang although I have now finally caught up with the washing and ironing and so now feel like I can relax a little. Steve is off this week too which is fab as I think he is planning a few jobs around the house.
We also have George's birthday on Wednesday - my baby will be five! So this week will be lots of fun!!!!!
Tomorrow i am escaping for a couple of hours so that I can take part in Traci's craft class - bliss!!!!

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