Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oh crikey!

It's Wednesday!!!!!

I have been a really bad blogger this week but .........I do have an excuse. I have found out this week that entertaining a four year old .....well my four year no easy task. Oh no this child needs things to do constantly!!

Harry drove off to my mum and dad's on Saturday, so since then we have been a one child family. Not so bad you might think and so did I. Harry at that age was great at entertaining himslef, infact he liked playing wthout my butting in. George? Well he is a different animal all together really.

So we have hardly been at home and today is the same. My friend Claire is picking us up at 11ish and we are heading over to an American Diner for lunch. Then its time to tire the cildren out with a long walk around Stanwick Lakes. In the evening we have Claire's eldest son, who happens to be George's mate staying for a sleepover so that could be fun!!!!

Despite the busy week though we do have Thursday free so George can play around the house and indulge in some Playstation time if he wants!

Right gotta go and sort myself out. Have a good day xxxxx

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