Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My poor room!!!!

My craft room is mine. Its a tranquil and creative space just for me in this house of boys.

Hmmm so imagine my shock this morning when Steve informed me that 'a slight leak had occured from the shower and had gone through downstairs'.

Now my room is below the shower. Panic set in - and what was my main concern??? The ceiling, the floors? No way - my first question was 'Are my papers and bears ok?????' Well you have to get your priorites right?????

So my ceiling is looking not pretty but hopefully will dry out soon. And my papers and bears?? they were fine - yes you can all breathe a sigh of relief!!!!

I escaped for a few hours to a craft class run by Traci and we made a Xmas Star Card which is fabby and once I have finished I will take piccie and upload.

I was also given a pressie from Traci which is sooooo lush and girly and will look so at home in my room especially when I have decorated it which will now be sooner rather than later. A piccie will follow and I just want to say THANKYOU TRACI!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

The pic on tonights post is one I took in Lyme Regis. All along the prom are these street lights and aren't they lovely? According to my son they are Amonite shells - I just loved the design!!!!

Tomorrow will be busy as it is my baby's birthday. He will be the grand old age of five and he just can't wait. My boy is growing up!!!!!

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