Friday, August 10, 2007

This is the life!!!

Well it is now. It certainly wasn't Wednesday 6pm through to Thursday 8pm!!!!!

That was when our neighbours burglar alarm decided to go off - yup that is right all 26 hours of ear piercing noise. It was not nice so much so that we had to keep all of the windows and doors shut - all day and all night. finally at 8pm last night the council came round and managed to arrange to have the thing turned off. Peace at last!

And today? well school shoes for George this morning followed by ironing, washing etc euck! But I am now sat in my garden soaking up the rays and catching up on blog things. Total bliss!

Tomorrow we go and collect my eldest from my mum and dad's. He has had a great week and has kept his grandparents entertained - good old Nanny and Grumpy LOL!

Right gotta go and catch some rays until the next load of washing has dried anyway!

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