Friday, August 17, 2007

We are off to the seaside!!

Today was my hubbys birthday!!!

Bless him he is now the grand old age of 35 - it is hard to believe that he was 19 when I first met him!!!!!

The picture opposite is the Box of Love I made for him instead of a normal card. I got the idea from Traci who made one for her dad. Steve loved it as it just summed up all that I felt about him without saying alot in words. Thanks for the idea Traci!!!!

The card below is what I made for the boys to give to their dad and again he loved this one too!!!!

We have had a busy day getting ready for our holiday tomorrow but we made sure that Steve was taken out for tea to frankie and Benny's and as usual the food was lovely!!!


So tomorrow is our week long holiday to Weymouth and boy are we looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be able to post during the week but if not I will update you on our comings and goings next weekend!!!!

Have a good week everyone xxxxxxxx

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